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Jam 34

Welcome to Rick Beall's

This is Jam 34

The January 2018 jam has started!

The Jam runs from January 2018 to July 8, 2018. We have been running this jam online since 2001, for 17 years.

We are doing something a little different this time. We are going to give away a Special 20, Marine Band or Session Steel in the winner's choice of key for the best track of the jam.

Bob M, known as Beezlebob in the jam, is organizing and arranging for the prize. Bob has also been creating most of the backing tracks for the jam for the last seven years. That is pretty amazing!

The way the jam works is some folks write backing tracks, the players download and play to them. The player uploads the track with harmonica, and then everyone listens, votes and comments.

This is basically a 'woodshedding' site, a practice site to make practicing at home more fun. Practice is more fun when you know other people will be listening to your efforts.

These folks have all logged in within the last 2 weeks and are keeping Online Albums of their own music. Click their picture to view their Album. The pictures are sorted by visit order.

Each jam lasts about 6 months, and you can join at any time. We often have hundreds of backing tracks pass through a single jam. Playing to an audience, even an online audience, is highly motivating and can make practice exciting.

As you upload songs you build an online album. By clicking on your picture, or anyone's picture, you can see and listen to the online album.

We play all genres of music: blues, jazz, country ... mixed genres that have no name. It's all fun to us. So come on in and grab a harp!

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