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Author Topic: Jam XXII Starts  (Read 1366 times)


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Jam XXII Starts
« on: February 18, 2012, 11:44:00 PM »
Welcome to Jam XXII!

This will be a great jam.  There will be some changes in store for this year.

The last jam,  XXI, was a fun one.

Here are the folks who had the most songs that went gold:

      Gold Room
                FloppyLips 27
                Frosty  22
                7LimitJI 19
                Eric Stahl 18
                BlueInGreen    15
                Steamrollin Stan 15

Floppy Lips and Frosty both came 1st and 2nd in the Gold Roomlast jam also.  Man!  what competitors!  What harp monsters!   These guys are working hard.   In 2011 Floppy Lips uploaded 46 great songs, and Frosty 37.  It is no wonder that they are so good with all that practice!

I came in 12th tied with 6 other people in the Gold Room.   That was an amazing showing by me!   :-)

Steam Rollin' Stan came in 3rd last time, but this time even though he played 2 more songs, he fell to 5th (tied with BlueInGreen).  What a competitor!  He was only upset by 7LimitJI 19 and Eric Stahl 18.  With people like that coming up behind you, you better keep the practice pedal to the metal!  Ha ha hha ha.

 Of course everyone who practices is a winner, but these are the guys who keep their art at a fine edge, or who are improving the fastest.

The best song as judged by peers was Solo 1 by BlueInGreen.  Actually, I just remembered there is a relevant quirk   If you play to the same backing track multiple times, all the votes get summed up.  This is likely to happen on the Solos.   So, all we know for sure is that BlueInGreen worked real hard and got a lot of votes.  The quirk is a long standing oops on my part.

The most popular backing tracks were:

        Most PopularBacking Tracks
        1st Place "Solo 1 " by -, was used 33 times
        2nd Place "Real Easy Groove in E" ,  by BeelzeBob, was used 19 times
        2nd Place "Help Me to Help You to Help Me"  by BeelzeBob, used 16 times
        3rd Place "Icebreaker"  by BeelzeBob, used 15 times
        4th Place "Slue Foot Shuffle"  by BeelzeBob was used 13 times
        5th Place "Play Party Pickin"   by BeelzeBob was used 12 times
        5th Place "Spanning the Blues"   by BeelzeBob was used 12 times

The highest winning backing track, "Solo 1" was put up by me!  Damn I'm good.   Well, it was nothing.  Well, actually it really was nothing.  You guys filled the empty space with all the great harmonica playing.  The Backing Track author who really outdid himself this jam was BeelzeBob.  He created 27 backing tracks for the Jam!   I think I sprained something after i made 3.

BeelzeBob contribued 24 backing tracks to the jam before that (Jam XX).  That is amazing, and myself and I know everyone else is very grateful for that effort!   Also, BeelzeBob told me he already had 20 backing tracks ready for Jam XXII!   Thank you BeelzeBob!

With that, I want to thank everyone who played and contributed to Jam XXI.  It was a lot of fun, and I have a feeling that the next jam is going to be even more fun.
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