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Main Stage / Even WHO gets the blues?
« on: February 18, 2013, 04:21:58 PM »
It occurred to me after posting this backtrack that some might, for various reasons, be offended by its title.  I hope that's not the case but if so, perhaps some background might assuage sensitive feelings.

Originally composed by my dear and late friend, William O. Charney, this song began as a cafe lament about life, love and the way things are.  The refrain, "...even Jesus gets the blues" was an ironic statement in that context.

But the concept and the haunting progression led me to explore some deeper places and, with Bill's permission and gracious support, I wrote a new lyric for the piece then composed and recorded this backtrack to carry it. 

I have yet to record the full song (I perform it acoustically from time to time) but I'd be happy to hear other interpretations.  (Mine are old, stale and worn out  by now!)

Here are the lyrics:

Even Jesus Gets the Blues
Lyrics & Arrangment by Gant Eichrodt
Original Music & Concept by William Charney

(4-Bar Intro)

Em                             Em9
Promises and smoky dreams,
Love is never what it seems,
B7                     B7+                         Em   Em9
Every time you play that game you lose.

Poetry that everyone knows,
Like ribbons on a chocolate rose,
Hide the lies you know but canít refuse.

Empty beds filled with regret,
Shadowed walls you canít forget,
Choices were the chance you couldnít choose.

Am  Bm  C7     D  Em  D   Bm  C7 Em
Loneliness is just a smile away,
Am  Bm  C7       D   Em   D   C7 Bm  C7      B7
So close your eyes and look the other way,
B7                                 Em
Even Jesus gets the blues.

(8-Bar Instrumental).

Love your pain but not yourself,
Frame your good times on a shelf,
Forgotten like a worn out pair of shoes.

Close your window, draw the shade,
Pretend away the games you played,
Believing even Jesus gets the blues.

Broken wings still longing  for  the sky,
Shattered hearts still beat and wonder why,
(Pause) Even Jesus gets the blues.
(8-bar out)

Hello Room / It's been a while...
« on: February 18, 2013, 03:35:12 PM »
...since I've been here.  Some years and a couple of lifetimes ago I was all set to rejoin the newly resurrected Harmonicaboogie.  Fortune, however,  dictated otherwise and required  considerable time and no little effort to shovel my way through a vast pile of karmic poo.

Happily, that pile is behind me and, while I await the arrival of the next one, I hope to spend some quality time with the  best online harmonica jam on the planet.


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