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Just Your Fool - Little Walter

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Blue In Green:
Anybody else love the opening instrumental chorus of "Just Your Fool". Great acoustic harp by Little Walter on that song. Learning that one so I can do something similar on march tunes.

To me, that tune really showed how much he was influenced by Rice Miller.

Thought I would swoop in and post something just to blow some minds <g>

This is indeed a fantastic intro.

A couple of noteworthly covers are Carlos del Junco's title track from his "Just Your Fool" CD (a must-have), and a recent and fun one from, of all people, Cindy Lauper, with Charlie Musselwhite (CD is "Memphis Blues" from 2010).

I have a Billy Branch version I am partial to also.  Did LW record a cupped-mic electric version?   

Dean in Arkansas

Blue In Green:
Dean!! Great to hear from you. Get on here and post some harp music!

I like the Del Junco version of Just Your Fool a lot. Haven't heard Cindy Lauper's version yet. Will check it out. I haven't heard an amped version of LW on this song.

I just loaded the Chess Muddy Waters "His Best" songs on a memory card for my car stereo. Forgot how good the remastered sound quality is. LWs acoustic harp sounds beautiful on Louisiana Blues and Honey Bee. I think I'll learn those intros too.

Here's the Muddy album I was listening to on rdio (free listening):

Blue In Green:
Listening to the Cindy Lauper version now. Very cool. Musselwhite does his own thing very different from from LW.
Love Cindy's line, "Gonna call Jackie Chan and kung fu you."  :)


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