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Recording , i just dont know where to start

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Hi Guys, so glad to be back, missed you guys, your my harmonica family 8)
I am recording through a lambda Lexicon box and cool edit, but it wont record on to lines, i dont know what i am doing wrong, i am still not good at this stuff! i dont understand, im a woman, put key in and drive hahahahha.
Surely there is a way for it to record so it goes through both speakers other wise i would have to duplicate on my cool edit and maybe pan left to right MMMM dont know, Help!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Lindy,
It's always good to see your smiling face back.   (wellas much as anything can be seen on the net).

If no one here uses that exact recording setup, my might want to search out forums catering to those specific hardware and software components.

Steamrollin Stan:
Why not use audcacity, others use it with good results. :)

Eric Stahl:
Hi Lindy,

It's good to hear your music again.

I haven't used that particular hardware, but the first thing that I check in that situation is the cabling - to make sure that it's for stereo (two black lines on the connector) and not mono (one black line on the connector).


Eric Stahl:

Don't throw that towel in! It's hard to get started again. I had more or less stopped playing instruments 30 years back after college - until I found this site (thank you, Rick). I used to play trumpet in chamber groups (degree in orchestral performance - practiced throughout every day), and played harp in local bars and restaurants just for fun (with twin brothers who could play guitar and harmonize vocals beautifully). Even toyed with harpsichord and mandolin. Then... just got busy in my career. Now, even playing only 5-minutes a week when I record is FUN FUN FUN.

Your music keep sounding better and better - keep at it!



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