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Still getting familiar with this site , is this where my practice stuff should've went. I've been putting them in Harmonica Internet Resources ?

You could put them here or on the internet resources.   

The purpose of the Practice Log area is to describe how you practice, and make notations that you are keeping up with your practice schedule.   So you could consider outside links to our jams as part of that.

The purpose of the internet resources is to link to other harmonica resources on the internet that you think other people might be interested in.    So, you could consider your jams on Youtube that also.

Thanks Rick

Thanks Windsaver, I've noticed while trying my Swan, that if I put my fingers holding the button just slightly deeper on the button,  it helps me a great deal in quieting the slide down . I guess it's preventing the slide from  bottoming out against the body of the harp . It took a couple of tries to find out just how far I need to move in without compromising the tone of my playing but I think I found the right position on this Chrom. Will experiment with my CX. Thanks again.

Hi RNav2174,

I think most people learn songs by ear.    It is more pleasant to know what the song sounds like and then  try to play it.   Picking the song out by ear alone is good ear training too.

It sounds like you are a real meticulous guy!  You get great results.


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