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Naptown Blue:
As soon as I can procure another C-harp, watch out.   You may not like what you get.

I found one C, and it was a Marine Band....hadn't been played in ages, and was gunked up beyond squeaking.  It did feel good to blow a bit in G, even if it was only in holes 1-3,5 (draw),6-8 (only 7-blow), and 9ish.

I will have to "find" another.   

I have a buddy who works at Guitar Center.  He knows where to "find" a C-harp.

This sounds ominous.

Naptown Blue:
Turned out to be not so ominous.  I have yet to get the old valcos out, and i'm still having trouble digging out the other microphones, etc for recording in the garage.  We've got a newborn in the house, so at night, anything blasting through even a 10w amp may cause a major meltdown of epic proportions.

I will get the amps up out am chained together for one soon, the garage was actually pleasant tonite, the weather took a turn here in Indy today, and looks to be on the cool side for 10 days or so. 

Im easing back into ominous.

Ha ha,  a newborn and amped harmonica, and a wife sounds like an epic .... ah event.

Well, it's a good time of year for jamming in your garage for a couple months.

Eric Stahl:
I've been tempted to build a ventilated and sound-proofed box for small amps, but haven't.


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