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Stevie and Kenny G ( Do their instruments conflict with each other? )


Just wondering guys and gals, when both of my favorite instrumentalists are playing at the same time, do they seem to conflict with each other or does it work ? I'm working on a Sax and Harmonica duet on "Sabor A MI' with Kenny but I've done this kind of mix before and was told that the two instruments are invading each others's space. Could have been the way I mixed it, just wondering if it's a good idea to do in this fashion. The first link is Kenny and Stevie. The second is an old experiment that was poorly recorded before I knew about Garageband . On it, I basically just pointed my Flip Camera at the laptop as the song was playing and played along to it using and Educator Harp and an amp.  Also, I was still trying to figure out how to play along with Kenny like Stevie did. Anyway, I would like to do the duet with Kenny on " Sabor A Mi " or maybe this song again but was wondering about the instruments conflicting. Thanks

Stevie and Kenny:  

My Version with Kenny:

I have not had a chance to listen, but the general rule when playing with someone else is that when they hit high notes, you hit low notes, when they get real busy, you get real sparse.


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