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Naptown Blue:
Several years ago, Aqua posted a song here.  It went gold, it was a simplly but profrssionally played blues, maybe first position, i cant remember. This was likely in the winter of 2007/08.  It was all that and more, and i believe that his recording comment was, "old school" or something to that effect.

I have gone through a laptop or two since then, and would like to have someone send me that ST.  I remember it was something that i needed to learn, easier than Picking out a Kim Wilson tune, but just as effective.

Man, you are not asking for much, just a song whose name you don't remember from 5 years ago  :o .

I hope someone can help.   I unfortunately don't keep any copies.

I might have a few of Aqua's old STs, but I'll have to look around this weekend or the next.  But I'll get to it, maybe remind me on the weekends. 

Naptown Blue:
Not that any of his stuff wasnt good, its just that this one stood out, if someone was downloading and keeping tracks that winter, they would have kept it. Im sure it was in the gold room for that jam.

Thanks, I will try to refresh this post on the weekend.

Naptown Blue:
Weekend reminder.


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