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Naptown Blue:
So, that cool phone records into a .3ga file type windows nor audacity have the capability to open it.   The sound recording is very very good, and i can use this like a zoom recorder if i could just convert this to something to upload into audacity.
 So, any of ya computer genius fellas out there could help me out, id appreciate it.  I could email you a file or just see if you have better luck than me in finding a converter.  I tried two of them after a wild goose chase, and no luck.

Naptown Blue:
Got it.  Converter called "super".  Anyway, you can go to the open mic and see what the little mic in this phone sounds like.  Much better than the one in main stage.    I was very happy with this result.  The best part is, i even uploaded this mp3 using my phone, so, all of the sudden, harmonica boogie solo tracks can be recorded and uploaded from virtually anywhere at any time, wothout the ned for anything other than your harmonica.

Prerty cool.


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