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Author Topic: Amp I bought from Randy of BluesBox Amps a couple years ago  (Read 1078 times)


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Amp I bought from Randy of BluesBox Amps a couple years ago
« on: February 20, 2012, 10:12:50 PM »
This is the description from Randy's ebay ad.  I still have the amp, but my wife does not like the loudness too much, so I don't have the occasion to play it too often.

What we have here is a Retro style, vintage Bogen amp chassis, with a vintage hammond speaker, custom fitted into a beautiful 1x12 amp cab.

Chassis: Bogen chb10a vintage 1960's all tube with 7868 pwr, and 12ax7 preamp tubes.
Speaker: Vintage magnavox speaker pulled from a hammond organ which makes for a monster toned guitar or blues harp screemer!

Cabinet: Retro style 1x12 custom designed to fit the chassis and speaker design from vintage parts, made of pine with a ply back board. Two tone black tolex on the sides & vanilla blonde on top and bottom with a vintage style vox leather handle for that finishing old school look !
These chassis from Bogen are hand wired point to point simple in design and fat in tone. Has simple tweed style volume, and tone control, on/off, and 1/4 input, no complex bells and whistles just the basics, you can add all the pedals you want to this amp for many bells as you want later. The rear of the chassis has taps for 4, 8, 16 ohm loads for extension cab hook ups. These amps sound great as is or can be hooked to a 2x12 even a 4x12 cabs.

This amp is quiet at idle, awesome sounds with blues harp, a real screemer!!! The crunchy fat tone you get out of these is just unbelievable. This amp is like all others we have built, a boutique amp made from vintage 1960 parts that have been gone over and checked well for correct operation and modified to work with both guitar and blues harp instrument playing. Tired of the harsh bright sounding Fenders? Tired of the out of reach prices of those old school Gibson amps or the custom builders that charge you the price of a house or car?? Well this amp is just what your looking for, and the best part is it sounds better yup BETTER !!

I have your amp packed, power tube wrapped up in rear of amp. Pre amp tube still in socket with a tight sleeve over it. Make sure its in place before firing it up. The power tube you will have to use some finess installing. grab the tube face the rear of the amp, look at the pins of the tube with the empty slot of pins at 4 oclock reach into the amp with it right in the middle of the amp just over the out put transformer, this tube sits about mid way up and mid way from side to side up in there. It may seem impossable to stab this tube but once you get it its like riding a bike and its easier to do it blind than to take the amp all apart. Feel your way around in there with your finger first to feel the round sockets location, you can get two hands in there to feel around while trying to stab the power tube. Even a small mirror if you have to would work doing this your first time. After that you can do it in your sleep almost. Its one of the querks about these PA's in combos but a small off set to having a great amp and once its in place your all set. Just be sure its in there all the way and proper before firing it up.

Here is my amp being sold for $150

Buy tubes: