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Hey guys,

Have I read it right: you can only post songs with a backing track originating from this site?
So I can not post a song on a backing track from let's say Jimmy Reed?



Hi John,

You can only post a song written to a backing track which is:

(a) on this site
(b) you have full rights to use the backing track, and you post the backing track to this site, so you can post your song against it, and others can use it too.

Steamrollin Stan:
Put it in as a solo 1,2,3 or in that thingy, you will be told to remove it after a while but gets a foot in the door tho!

@ Rick: thanks, have picked one in the meantime, try to post something tomorrow or next week.

@ Stan: great, have something I can post as a 'Solo', I'll do that this weekend probably.

Now, my objective is not to rehearse songs untill they are as good as I can get them, cause I like to move on.  The 'solo' I will post is something like that: checked a backing for it's structure (12bar), put the recorder on and played it right away in one take.

Looking forward to comments.


Oh great, Stan is telling you how to cheat!    ::)

When I get down to Australia some time I'm going to have to rouse him off his couch and arrest him or something.


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