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Lindy visits old folks home

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God the backing tracks are so old and borring.   Sorry guys, i haven't left comments or even really listened to anyones posts because the BT are like going to an old folks home, so boring that it would put an elephant to sleep in seconds, doesnt do anyones playing any justice  :'( :'( :'( :'( I wish i knew some musicans that would make up some modern cool tracks to bring out our mojo's

Not so sure I'd say that!!  Being able to adapt to one's environment is a survival skill whether it's in the woods or at a jam.  I played with a Johnny Cash impersonator last night at a jam and it was an interesting experience to say the lest.  Those of us who lack your skill sets gain from trying and learning new things brought on by different genres.

Pretty harsh Lindy given that we don't pay for them and they are voluntarily submitted. No one forces us to play to them or listen but that doesn't mean we have to slam them! Especially considering that this jam, only one person has uploaded backing track so your comments are pretty pointed. Maybe you have to chase down some of your music friends and get them to donate. And as a member of that 'old folks club' I find going through them and finding ones that give me something challenging and new to try, as Ringer said, to be good learning incentive.

Having watched and heard your progress over the las few years, I continue to be impressed with your playing and can understand your getting to the point of feeling like you need more challenge. At least some of the rest of us still can find something  in the list and if not, can always go the solo route.

Nuff said

I thought they were pretty great myself.    :)

Right now, backing track wise, the jam is being held up by one mighty pillar and his name is BeelzeBob.   He is doing a great job!

Back a few years ago, I used to make backing tracks out of MIDI files and they did not sound nearly as good as these.   Sonically, creatively, I think they are great.

Eric Stahl:
I'm surprised that there aren't more other-than-harmonica-playing musicians trying things on this site. If for no other reason than meeting other musicians. We must not be doing are marketing properly.

I agree with your comments, HTrain.



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