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Brown Ale Guy:
Threw this togehter while sittin around in a snow storm waiting for new dishwasher to arrive and be installed.

Good to hear you Marty!!  There's so many ways now-a-days to kill time.  Sound Cloud is a new one on me.

Good harp, really good vocal!

Very interesting note choices.  I really like! ;D

Brown Ale Guy:
Fulton's Sweet Child of Vine now on tap at Dusty's. Gotta like that. Played there makin' Good Friday a Great Friday. Between songs the drummer and lead guitar player were funkin' a bit while the singer tried to figure out what was next so I started singin' "Bring the FunK" and we turned a normallly rockabilly song into a much funkier thing. Wiggle Wiggle still my all time Dylan tune.


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