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Can someone give me a name of some mic's that plug in to the puter. Tried with mine sounds like I am in a tin can, This is my first time trying to record and uploading anything, So I am not having any fun, guess I will go take it out on a harp. Thanks

My solution was to buy a 4 channel mixer and plug the mixer into the sound card.   You can plug any mic into a mixer.   

Most folks buy an inexpensive mixer, less than $100.   I bought a $400 Mackie mixer which has a lot of cool features.  In the Gear Lust forum I wrote about it.

Steamrollin Stan:
Plug into the computor and edit the sound etc using Audacity untill it sounds 'better'. :)

Rick's solution is a great one, especially for older systems that may experience latency.  That's what I do, love my Mackie mixer and M-Audio sound card.  An external audio interface that will function as your sound card is a cheaper solution, but may have latency issues.  It usually plugs into a USB port.  It's worth trying if $ is an issue, it worked fine for me.  Make sure the audio interface has a preamp.  I'd want phantom power as well, in case you ever want to use a condenser mic.  Lots of choices, search musiciansfriend to get an idea.

Oh yeah, you asked about mics?  The Shure SM57 is a workhorse and built like a tank.  Pretty good for playing harp, and just about anything else as well.  But after getting the rest of your chain straight, maybe the mic you have will sound just fine.

Hi Beelzebob,

What Mackie mixer do you have?  I have been using the same Mackeir 1202 VLZ for ... 15 years and I bought it used.

You can buy users mixers on ebay.   I bought mine before there was an ebay.

I also have an M-Audio  sound card.


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