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Blue In Green:
I don't play directly into the computer. I use a Boss Micro BR portable recorder exclusively, but I do own a Behringer Tube Ultragain Mic Preamp. It is s simple unit that lets you plug an XLR or 1/4inch TRS connector into the input or output. Basically, will automatically convert your input signal to the correct output signal for the line-in to your computer. Similar to to what Rick described but more basic. Also works well for condenser mics because it provides phantom power and vacuum tube coloration.

Some people on this site use these with the tube gain turned  up to whatever level you want as a form of "amp". A little harsh, but it can give a raw sound similar to what Junior Wells gets on the Hoodoo Man Blues album. I was told (by Laurie Garman) that he went straight into the mixing board with an Astatic bullet mic for that recording session. Very cool combined with Buddy Guy using a Leslie speaker for his guitar.


The Blue Snowflake mic plugs directly into a Mac computer.
It is smaller than the Blue Snowball mic.


Wow!! Looks like I still have a lot to learn, Thanks for all the Info ppl

Don't worry about it.  Once you stop learning your dead, so be happy!!

Johnny Utah:
I either plug my Green Bullet in directly with an adaptor or use my Digitech RP155, which has been a workhorse for me.   The X-Edit software from Digitech is amazing, lets you tweak the RP155 just how you want it.

The VST program I use is called VSTHost and there are tons of plug-ins for it and I also use audacity.  I'll upload some stuff I have recorded on my computer as well as some live stuff from my band The Usual Suspects.

Some of the amp simulators sound good, some sound like crap.  Same with the various delays, overdrives and reverbs.   Just have some fun messing around with it.

Nice meeting you all.

Johnny Utah


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