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How do you like to practice.

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Just curious about other's approaches to practicing.

Steamrollin Stan:
Good one Nav, your back, I have picked on certain 'riffs' etc, but don't focus on the hardcore muscle memory things i should be doing, but its the way i just do what i can, but i do know if i focus for about a total of 5-10 hrs on a riff it becomes sort of second nature, problem is i get bored and just ramble on with whatever, like i'm doing nowl

Sometimes its good to let fly when the mood get in.

Eric Stahl:
As the mood and acoustics strike. Often playing along with the stereo and TV - jumping around randomly, from song to song, style to style.


The pros say to have a bit of structure to your practice.   5 minutes of scales, 5 minutes of theory, 10 minutes working on a new song challenge, 10 minutes just playing for fun doing whatever.

I made up the time amounts, expand it if you have more time.

Me?   I have not been practicing any, I've been playing with the slide guitar, but I do plan on getting back into it pretty soon.

Eric Stahl:
Rick, The question was how do you *like* to practice  ;)


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