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floppy lips:
Recording with Deva and Arum , floppy
Like to know what you think of it , thanks

Eric Stahl:
Nice one.

It rocks!

Vocals:  Great!
Harmonica:  Sucks.    Ha ha, just kidding.   The harmonica is great!  Great!

When she sings the chorus "I'm a little unpredictable"  I think she repeats it one time to many, and I hear that phrase ending differently.

On my speakers the mix is sometimes off.  Sometimes the harmonica is too loud compared to the vocals.   But the harp tone I love.  The riffs I love.

It really is top notch scotch!

Hi Sander,
I am sitting here doing other things, and "Unpredictable" is still playing in my head.   I hear her throaty "I'm just a little unpredictable".    That's a mark of a great song.    It left an emotional imprint in my head.

floppy lips:
Thanks Rick , ill pass the word, yeah she is a artist pur sang never had lessons , man she sings loud haha thanks for your words ,


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