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M-Audio fast track


Anyone out there using this interface for Mac.  I've had problems off and on with this.  The problem is I can't turn the volume up from zero when recording.  In the past when I've had this problem I did various sequences of turning the computer off and on and plugging the M-Audio in at different sequences and eventually I got it to work.  This time no matter what I do I can't control the recording volume  and therefore can't record.  Any suggestions is appreciated.  Maybe the M-Audio is done but I've only had it for a couple of years and don't use it that often.

Hi Dan,

These may be obvious, but do you have the latest driver?  If not, you can get it at the m-audio site.  They also have a support forum, I've gotten help there before.  The apple site's forum may also help you.  Hank uses mac, maybe he has some ideas.


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