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I'm guessing I need a mic/computer interface and some good speakers? What about monitors? Fart, I don't even know what question to ask. What is the best way to get started? I'm recorded videos on my Iphone and a few with my computer's web cam. Is that good enough for this site?

First tell us what kind of computer you have.

The type of computer is important but put that aside for a moment.
It's a good idea to have music editing software - Audacity (free) will work fine.  That will allow you to record your track over the mp3 you download from this site.
You could squeeze by with just that but you'd be well served to buy a usb microphone plus splurge on a set of earphones.
If your computer processor isn't too old, you should be set.
If that approach does not work there are many, many other ways to go that involve more $, digital recorders, etc.
Good luck.

Hello all. Thank you for responding!

I have a pretty decent lap top-windows 8, usb 3, and 6 gigs of RAM.

What I'm wondering is the best way to go about educating myself on how to set something up. I don't know where to start reading. I've tried to educate myself in the past, but don't know where to focus or where to start. It seems like there is so much to know.

E.g. based on my current level of knowledge, I'm thinking I want software (I have audacity), an audio interface, and some monitors to hear what I'm making. But then there is so much equipment out there, and I'm not rich. So I want to educate myself but don't know where to start.

There are a lot of good, inexpensive usb audio interfaces out there.  I just looked on my local Craigslist and I found an M-audio Fast Track for $30 and a Fast Track Pro for $50.  Then I'd get a Shure SM57 microphone, they're great for harp and many other purposes as well.  You can find one for 50-60 bucks used on eBay or CL.  I'd skip the monitors for now if you have headphones and/or half-decent computer speakers.  Even when I mix a backing track on monitors, I still listen to how it sounds on a $10 set of headphones.

If you can afford a little more for an audio interface, I like the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2, used on eBay can be had for around $100.  Presonus Audiobox is also good, and Native Instruments Komplete Audio 6 gets good reviews and includes some of their virtual instruments which you might find useful.  One nice thing about getting any audio interface is that it becomes your sound card and is usually quite a pleasant upgrade in that capacity.  Your music enjoyment may go way up. 

These sites are overkill for our purposes, but here is where I got started learning about audio gear:  (Many working pros here, so keep that in mind when you read opinions).

Good luck, I remember it took me a long time to get gear because I did it bare bones and waited for really good deals.  Hopefully, you won't have any latency issues, that can be a problem in the beginning.



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