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« on: May 24, 2014, 12:40:51 PM »
Just posted a looper based song (Solo 1).  I have spent (wasted?) about a year working with my RP255 & have loads of questions.
Anybody out there loop?  ....wanna talk?  I started after hearing SODave, Branden Bailey and other nonharp loopers.  I think Bailey offers Skype lessons.  He recently posted on MBH a very useful YTube instruction segment.
Some questions
1)My RP 255 has one loop channel.  Thus, can only stack which means once a loop is recorded, there is no getting rid of it.  this limits song structure options.  Anyone work with more sophisticated devices?
2) RP limits 20 seconds  on recording length- this makes chord progressions  difficult unless you run thru them real fast.  I am left with modal songs.  Bailey advises very short loops as not to bore audience.
3) Rhythm is a b**tch in several ways:
     a)  If you try hand rhythm - SOD does some of this with Marcas and the like, it is difficult keeping the rhythm ( which I believe most songs need-Beat boxing may be best solution) and this is further complicated because of:
      b) loop cut off.  Unless it is timed perfectly, rhythm gets off at each cycle.   Very hard to both get and stay in the groove when every 20 seconds or so, there is an unwanted rest.  Bailey addressed this in his brief MBH post.     

Enough.  I like working with it and envision performances not always dominated by our guitarist colleagues.
keep it

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Re: Loopers
« Reply #1 on: May 24, 2014, 01:37:07 PM »
I have a JamMan solo I picked up a year or so ago before I joined the Blues County Sheriff.  I was planning to use it at open mic but discovered the learning curve is pretty steep, timing is everything and a lot of practice and trial and error are necessary for anything close to competence.

I still have it, still plan (someday!) to get some degree of proficiency.  I think the newer models offer multiple tracks and, of course, higher prices.