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Damm internet virus crap!!


Steamrollin Stan:
So about 7 weeks ago I pick up a new pc with windows 7, blah, blah, golly I cant upload audacity let alone work out the lame thing without hundreds of pop up crap coming at me like a machine gun, if I had a bazooka I would blow these dudes to never, never, been watching the posts but not commenting tho, good things are in the jam I see :)

Wondered where you were.  Sounds like a PITA, hang in there.

Hi Stan,
It sounds like the security is turned on at a high level.   For the purposes of installing stuff, you have to turn it off or down.

I do'n't know the details.   but  I think that is Windows itself trying to keep you "safe".

Steamrollin Stan:
Sometime soon I'll take it to the local shop I got it from, Ill get them to do it for me :)


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