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what am i doing wrong

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when I listen to my posts on boogie via computer everything is great but if I listen to my recordings on my iphone all I hear is the backing track and a muffled sound ? anyone else have this problem ?

Its got to be with the way I am recording.
what do you guys do when you record ? I record in to a lexicon box which is to my computer. I got told you have to use two mics to get it to record in stereo but then it loses sound quality because its picking up room, what do you guys do to get good quality recordings ????

Steamrollin Stan:
This is technology at its best/worst, I've given up with forced new things like windows 10, 11 12 or whatever, try something new and they backfire, good win at the world cup Lindy. S.S..

Pretty sure it's not the 2-mic-in stereo thing that's causing your probs.

It's possibly a compatibility issue with the type of audio file you have created. What audio settings are you using for recording? Check both Windows settings for your input device (Lexicon), and the audio settings in your software. Maybe you are recording at a rate that is too high for the phone but not the PC?
Does your phone play other audio files with no problem?

Sample rate is 44100
the problem is when I go in to the Lexicon box it only records in mono, not stereo, so I get one line not two
I wish I had a button that said, split to stereo.
I have gone out and brought a canon to USB so now Microphone is recording in Stereo, just means can go through the lexicon box.


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