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Always been more of a chromatic fan UNTIL TODAY

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In the past, I've always associated diatonic with sounds similar to this: which is not bad by any means- it's just not the type of style that intrigues me. (bluegrass and blues)

However, today i stumbled upon these:
which is more similar to a ballad that is often played by a chromatic.

and this godly piece of music:

I never knew diatonic could be played similar to a chromatic! and with much more emotions behind it too! I'm quite stunned! :)

If anyone know any other examples, please link them, I would love to see more of what diatonic can accomplish! I never knew it was this versatile of an instrument! :D

Because, generally I'm more of a fan of this:

thanks in advance

Beelzebob: is a good place to start if you are a player.  Tinus Koorn runs that site, he used to play here at a lot.

If you don't play, here's a list of some overblow harmonica players:

Howard Levy
Richard Hunter
Filip Jers
Chris Michalek RIP
Frederick Yonnet
Todd Parrott
Tinus Koorn
Paul Lassey

There are plenty more, I only listed the ones that came to mind and who sometimes play jazzy or ballad material

Below is a link to a video of players who have participated here, not all are overblowers, but all are superb players.

P.T. Gazell uses the valved technique instead of overblowing, you would probably love him.  If you watch the linked video, Dennis Belenson (djzznblzz) is using the valved technique.


Nice Youtube video!!  Some of the best fore sure.  i'm jealous!!


thanks for introducing me to all those great artists! :)

And don't forget Carlos del Junco - superb player!


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