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I haven't had an actual computer for years.   Due to having a smartphone i haven't needed one for anything i routinely do.  However Ive been running into a few things lately that require i have a computer.   Such as Skype lessons, etc.  So ive been looking at laptops and im thinking of buying one in the next day or so,  but I wanna make sure it can also do some minor recording.   Atleast be able to run a DAW and a few tracks.   Im getting mixed info everywhere I search.   

So what's the recommended system specs for a decent laptop for recording?  I want to have a little room to grow if i decide to.  But I also don't want to spend a ton of money on a laptop. 


Most mid-priced laptops should do the job, computers are pretty beefy these days for what you pay.

Try to get at least an i5 processor, at least 8GB of RAM, and try to get 4GB of video RAM. You can get away with a lower spec for sure, but you never know what else you might want to run once you get into it.

It's best to have more than one USB port (most will have this).
Don't buy a tiny laptop.

Prolly looking at $500-$600 dollars, but if you can spend a little more, spend it. You might get away with spending less if you shop around, but be sure that what you are getting is what you really want.

Hope this helps.

They all have 5400 rpm hard drives.  Is that okay?  Back in 2002 when I started doing video, I remember 7200 was usually recommended.  Audio is not video I realize.  I've wondered about this for a while, I need to ditch my big tower.

I just get worried about all the companies slapping pcs together.  They all seem equal specs wise, but its not the. Case.  Dont want to spend good coin for a crap pc


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