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This is in response to BeelzeBob comment on my A Bluesier Blues upload.  Yes, the Shaker is not the best microphone out there... I really wish it was,  because I love the ergonomics of the mic, but the sound its just not there (at least for me).  That being said, it is extremely convenient to use with t the Vox AC30 plug amp.  I can carry the whole set up in may car and record during my lunch break.  The XLR version is very convenient to use with the wireless systems available out there, except the sound is not as clean as a Shure 58 or as dirty as a JT 30, somewhere in between, but it really does not hit the spot.

Gus "panamaharp" Olmos

Hey Gus,

I forgot there is more than one kind of Shaker, I was thinking of the Madcat, is that what you have?  I guess by now you have heard about the Bulletini, that seems to be the answer for a small mic with a jt30 sound.  $179, too expensive for me, but selling like crazy.  I love the sound you're getting out of that amPlug, pretty excellent for modeling!

Hi - I got the original Shaker.  Yes, I'm very happy with the Vox amPlug. I bought it for my guitar but I think it sounds pretty good with the harmonica (got to try different mics).  Extremely portable and has gain, tremolo, chorus, reverb and delay...all that for less tha $40 !. 

The Bulletini looks great and is getting awesome reviews.  I may need to sell some gear to give it  a try.


I had a shaker once.  Not the madcat one.   I think it was rather dull sounding and I sold it.


--- Quote from: panamaharp on March 31, 2016, 11:06:03 PM ---... I love the ergonomics of the mic, but the sound its just not there (at least for me).
--- End quote ---
I agree.


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