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Author Topic: Winners from Jam 31  (Read 332 times)


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Winners from Jam 31
« on: February 06, 2017, 09:56:54 PM »
Hi folks,
Jam 31 has drawn to a close.  It is hard to believe we have been running this jam for 16 years.  As near as I can tell Lips Angelo first appears in 2006 as "Harp Lips".  Lindy, Kiwi Blues has been here since 2007.  Frosty first appeared in 2007.  Brett won his first jam in 2009.   Randy of Blues Box amps pops up once in a while.  He was very active in 2003 as "Flash".  htrain won his first jam in 2008.   Floppy Lips started winning with his surreailstic songs in 2011.   I think Ringer won his first jam in 2014.  I won my first jam in 2013.  It took me long enough!  :-)

When other backing track producers shut down, BeelzeBob picked up the slack in 2011 and he has been going stronger ever since!

We've had some deaths of some well loved people:

Bro Bob
Eric Stahl

There are a lot of people who were very involved, very committed who have just disappeared.

We have had our share of crazy people.  And I mean, actually crazy people.

Speaking of our good crazy people, here are the winners of the last jam!

Harmonica Jam 31 Winners February 2017

Most Songs that Went Gold

Floppy Lips 8
Frosty 8
Ringer 6
Lips Angelo 3
Rontana 3
BeeleBob 3

Best Song as Judged by Peers
"Train into Tonopah" by floppy lips 35
"Strangers When We Part" by BeelzeBob 33
"Baby Talk Blues" by floppy lips 30
"Aspirin Bottle Blues" by Rontana 30
"Jump Sister Blues" by htrain 30
"Cafeteria Blues" by floppy lips 30

Most Popular Backing Tracks
1st Place "Backdoor Buzzer Blues" by BeelzeBob, was used 5 times

2nd Place "Babytalk Blues" by BeelzeBob, was used 4 times
2nd Place "Aspirin Bottle Blue" by Harp Dog, was used 6 times
2nd Place "Mojo Workin Blues" by BeelzeBob, was used 6 times

3rd Place "Jump Sister Jump" by Frosty, used 3 times
3rd Place "12 Minutes to 8 " by BeelzeBob, used 3 times
3rd Place "Divided Country Blues" by BeelzeBob, used 3 times

Let's give them a nice round of applause.

And the jam rolls on!