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iRig and amplitube


After not recording for a long time, I have decided to play around a bit again, using my android phone, I downloaded an app called Bandlab which allows multitrack recording along with fx and editing etc. You can also calaborate with other users and such. So trying to get my phone set up to be a mobile studio is a bit of a learning challange. First I need to be able to come from my phones 3.5 mm jack with a split device to allow me to use a head set and a mic at the same time.

I tried a splitter from amazon with a 3.5 mm to 1/4 adapter which didnt work, because the phone uses TRRS jacks with 3 rings that tells the phone, this is a headset, this is a mic blaa blaa, well you cant go from TRRS to 1/4 stereo jack, dont work, so someone suggested iRig, its a little adapter that plugs into your phone, on the other end has a headset jack, an amp out jack, and a mic jack and does all the fancy converting inside. Along with that the solftwhare called amplitube which allows multitrack recording fx and amp modeling. So I ordered the iRig waiting for it to come in, hope this all works out.

Anyone use a simular thing or heard of this?

It sounds like an interesting journey Blues box.  How much does the IRig cost?

Not much 35 bucks and the app is free with the option to purchase add ons and such


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